On 20 March 2018 it was complete the transfer of Eastern Black rhino Jasper: after seven surviving calves and another one on its way to come Jasper left Berlin Zoo (DE) where he has been living for almost 19 years.

He will now live in Yorkshire Wildlife Park (UK) where he’s not gonna meet two of its sons, Dayo and Hodari: both will be transferred in Beekse Bergen (NL). Jasper’s transfer was planned by EEP’s coordinator, even because it’s genes are over-represented among the European population.

Probably he will become again a breeding bull in the future, but not closely.

We are waiting to know the name of the new Berlin’s breeding bull.

UPDATE: Another rhino, Makibo, has also been moved from Magdeburg (DE) to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. In the near future also Najuma will arrive from Krefeld (DE), forming a new breeding couple.