On 30 Oct 2017 3 years old young southern white rhino Jamala arrived at Knuthenborg (DK) from Boras (SW). She will meet female Bodil and male Shaka and the hope is to shape a new breeding herd.

For succesfull reproduction genetics is not enough, also chemistry that is created between the male and the female is important. Between Bodil and Shaka things seemed promising, but the other female, called Bertha was making things difficult, because she wasn’t very sympathizing on the bull.

Because of this, a double-transfer was organized: Jamala’s arrival was done at the same time with Berta‘s departure. She was moved to Whipsnade (UK) where a big breeding herd is stationary.
We hope that her arrival can bring some fresh air in it and birth can resume, as there are no new one from 10 years.

We also hope that Jamala can get along well with Bodil and that the vicinity of the more experienced female can help her with the bull.

Original announcement here .

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