Berlin Zoo loses Eastern Black Rhino lady 
Berlin Zoo (DE) didn’t announced it on its Official pages, but on her enclosure there is a note: Eastern Black Rhino lady Ine, born almost 32 years ago, died peacefully in her sleep, during the night of 28 January 2018.
Ine was a gentle lady who gave birth to four calves. At Berlin Zoo she left behind both her mum, Kilaguni, and her first daughter, Kumi.
Since very little is known about her condition previous her death, we ask Berlin fans to contact us if there are any other information on this sad happening.

Breeding herd for Kerkrade is ready
On Thursday 1 March 2018 Southern White rhino Wazi, 3 years old, arrived at her new home in The Netherlands from La Boissière du Doré(FR). Her arrival has been filmed here
Wazi will join in the near future another young female, called Abebi, and a young bull, Thabo. It is the first time in its history that Kerkrade has a breeding herd of Southern White Rhinos. Previously, the Facility hold only bachelor groups.

Names, names for baby rhinos!
Some of the baby rhinos born recently – and less recently- have finally received a name.
In Pittsburgh, the young lady born to Eastern Black Rhino couple Azizi and Jomo has been named Kesi.
In Copenaghen, the two Southern White Rhino boys have received the names Yala and Marico. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is who, so we again ask Copenaghen fans to help us.

Sorry for the inconvenient, but we had some problem with the translations. The names of the two rhinos are not Yala and Marico. Zuri’s calf still has no name while Minna’s one is called Berg. Like the previous calf, Pilan, the name is in honor of Pilansberg Park, where the mother comes from.

In Toronto, the two baby boys have names: the Southern White Rhino boy has been named Theodore, in honour of his dad, whose names begins with “T”. The Indian Rhino boy, instead, has been named Kiran, which means “ray of light”. There is another Kiran in Europe. What do you think of these names? Let us now through our Facebook page or through our mail.
In Cleveland, Eastern Black Rhino Kibibbi‘s daughter has been named Lulu, which means “flower”, by Zoo lovers.