We are absolutely happy to have a Worldrhino teammate from Japan, because she is able to update us on any kind of news that happens so far away from us.

Here it is the last article from Yuko Imaizumi:

On 28 March 2018, male Eastern Black Rhino Crag, 16 years old, arrived at Kumamoto City Zoo from Wakayama Adventure World.

Kumamoto City Zoo had no rhino since the death of its old female Southern White Rhino called Megumi in January 2016.
Also a strong earthquake (Magnitude 6.5) occurred in Kumamoto in April 2016: the zoo suffered severe damage, too.

Crag was meant to breed with Eastern Black Rhino Mimika in Wakayama Adventure World, but there were difficulties to make them get along well: the pair was not succesfull.

Let’s hope that new partners will be available for them, and this time can be the right one for both of them.