Woodland Park Zoo, located in the state of Washington, has welcomed its very first Indian Rhino last week. It is Taj, a male Indian rhino born in November 2016 in San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Taj is now settling in inside his new barn and he is getting to know his new dedicated Keepers. He will be gradually introduced to the outdoor yards in the next few days. He is now in standard quarantine.

Taj, whose name means “jewel” in Hindi, will be joined by another young male, called Glenn. Glenn was born at The Wilds, in Ohio, the very next day of Taj’s birth. Both males are very young: probably their mother are expecting a new baby in the near future.

Woodland Park Zoo’s new Rhino area is a temporary exhibit, as announced back in October 2017. We are not sure about the meaning of this expression: it could suggest that the two new Indian Rhino guys will spend the next years in Woodland Park Zoo till their sexual maturity. Probably, the next step is another transfer to other destinations.