There is a gorgeous news from Al Ain Zoo: one of the three adult Southern White Rhino females the Facility hosts has given birth to a healthy male calf.

The birth occurred probably in the middle of April and was much anticipated by the Rhino Keepers. According to this video published through the Zoo official Facebook page the mother was separated by the rest of the crash few days before the labour. This allowed the Keepers and the Vets to observe her behaviour, in order to intervene if things didn’t go well. Fortunately, the Rhino lady is an experienced mother, since she has given birth at least twice before, and everthing went smoothly.

The calf has been named Sudan, in the honour of the last male Nothern White Rhino that died in March this year.

Al Ain Zoo has had a good tradition in breeding the Southern White Rhino since entering the European program for this threatened subspecies. Two out of the three mature females have succesfully given birth more than once. We do hope that even the third female, named Chote, could become a mother in the near future. If not so, she should be moved to a different Facility.

Unfortunately, we do not know the names of baby Sudan’s parents. If anyone knows, please do contact us through our Facebook page or e-mail.