On the evening of Tuesday 14 November 2017, 9 years old Eastern Black Rhino Kito arrived in Hannover (DE) from Ebeltoft (DK). After 5 years spent in Denmark, Kito was called to contribute to its specie: in fact in Hannover a lone female has resided for a few years: she’s 28 years old Sany, that already had 3 calves in the past.
The hope is that the two animals can get on well and they gift us with a new calf in the following years.
You can see the original announcement here.

Basel Zoo (CH) says goodbye to its Indian Rhino female Saar that was transferred to Branféré (FR) on Wednesday 15 November 2017. Saar, who is 17 years old, was transfered in Basel in April 2016 for breeding purpose, but something went wrong. Probably the birth of little Orys in January 2017 made the relationship between Saar and Quetta (the mother) difficult.
Saar will meet in Branféré another young female, Maya, and a male called Ajang, to which she will be introduced only during the estrous cycle.
You can see the original announcement here.

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