We have collected lots of news from the world of our beloved Rhinos.

As you know, in Rotterdam (NL), Eastern Black Rhino Naima is heavy pregnant (we announced her pregnancy here). Her baby is expected between December 2017 and January 2018 and the Zoo has just installed two webcams, in order to monitor her progress. Naima’s baby will be the second Eastern Black Rhino ever born in the Netherlands. The first one was a female called Laura that was born in August 1960. She was then moved to Dublin two years later where she had her first and only baby, Baringo. He had in turn 5 babies on his own: Laura’s legacy continues through her grandchildren Kingo, Arusha, Baringo II and all their babies (you can search them trough our IDs pages!).

Two of the Rhino Babies recently born have received a name! In Dvur Kralove (CZ) Eastern Black Rhino Etosha‘s young lady, now 2 months old, has been named Emilka. In Dalton in Furness (UK), Zukiswa‘s first baby has been named Zahara: it means “to shine and flower” in Swahili.

Rostov-on-Don Zoo (Russia) has just received two male Southern White Rhinos from Ramat Gan (Israel): the exhibits have been renovated and are now perfectly fit for the new guys that will be housed separately. They are uncle and nephew: the older one is called Zion and is 30 years old while the younger one is called Terkel and was born in 2012 to Tanda and Atari, Zion’s brother.

Amersfoort (NL) has received on 15 December 2017 two young Indian Rhino bulls! They are Puri, from Munich and Thanos, from Berlin. Both of them are 2 years old and will be kept together in order to form a Bachelor group. They will be visible only when they will be get used to their new surrondings: probably we have to wait till next spring.