Do you think what is this work made of?

It’ was made from a wooden transport box for rhino.

To celebrate World Rhino Day 2017, an Indian rhino keeper,
Masaru Senzaki in Kanazawa Zoo made this panel picture
from board of the transport box used when an Indian rhino
was transferred from San Diego, USA to his zoo in 2003.

It was Gopon, a female Indian rhino which arrived with this box,
she successfully gave birth to three calves in Kanazawa Zoo,
and she is fine now.

Senzaki is not only a good artist in the zoo, he is a great keeper.
because he saved Gopon’s parter, Kintaro from his suffering of soles.

Indians rhino whose habitat is wetland in India and Nepal
often has problems on the foot in captivity.

Senzaki found a original solution by repeated trial for Kintaro’s feet.

The following is an interview article about him on Japan Times.

His word “As animals here cannnot chose their environments,
we must think of them first of all.” is wonderful as zoo worker.

Yuko Imaizumi

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