During the night of 2 August 2017 Ronnie, the elder Southern White Rhino in Jackson Zoo (Mississippi, USA), passed away.
This gentle giant, as he’s described by his Keepers, was almost 45 years old (please, do note that in our ID he was born around 1971) and was born wild in South Africa. He spent his first years of life in White Oak, Florida, then left and settled down in Jackson, where he remained till his departure.
His last years of life required much more attention as his needs increased: he got into his forties and needed a special diet, daily exercise and medication for arthritic joints and skin lesions.
Ronnie’s spirit remained strong during all his life and he never refused a good scratch on the head. He loved sweet potatoes and he enjoyed wallowing in mud ravines he was so able to create. When you called him with his name, he always turned his ears around!

Zoo still holds another “gentle giant”, younger Big Mike, that came in 2013. Since we do not have any info on him, please let us know all info you happen to have!

Originial announcement here

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