We are absolutely thrilled to share a fantastic news directly from Leipzig Zoo (DE).

Eastern Black Rhino Saba, 26 years old, has just completed her 15-month-old’s pregnancy and she is expecting to give birth any time from now!

Saba has given birth just once, in 2000, so this is gonna be her second calf after 17 years. Saba’s pregnancy is a great success in the frame of the EEP for the European Black Rhino population.
Saba is a totally German lady, as she was born on 7 February 1991 in Berlin. She was then transferred to Liepzig where she gave birth to her first daughter, Sarafine. During fall 2003, Saba was transferred to Hannover in the hope that she could breed with a genetically valuable male, Kifaru II. Unfortunately, this goal was never achieved. Kifaru II was transferred to another facility and Saba met two other males, Madiba and N’Dugu. With the first one, things didn’t go well. With N’Dugu, instead, things seemed promising. The two were getting along well and some breeding attempt were seen, even if no pregnancy occurred.
Finally, in December 2015 the EEP Coordinator decided to play his last card: Saba was transferred again to Leipzig where she met again not only the male N’Dugu, but also her own daughter, Sarafine.
This time, things went well: Saba and N’Dugu mated and the result is Saba’s second pregnancy!
Saba’s Keeper sayd that she has just changed her behaviour: she is starting to be more aggressive and she doesn’t want anyone nearby… but don’t worry! It is pretty normal for a Black Rhino mom-to-be to act like that!

Finger crossed for a fantastic new baby Rhino on the way!

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