Southern White Rhino Buzbie passed away on Monday, April 16, in his home of Tulsa Zoo (Oklahoma, USA).

He was 37 yeas old, an advanced age for his kind, and unfortunately his quality of life had declined significantly in the last times, so it was decided to euthanise him.

Necropsy results confirmed the presence of age-related issues such as osteoarthritis and a systemic infection. Buzbie received extensive dental care in 2017, including a tooth extraction. Changes were made to his diet at that time, including shredding his hay and wetting other portions of his diet to make it easier for him to process his food.

He had been a part of the zoo since 1982, coming to the zoo with herd mate Jeannie, who is still alive and lives at the zoo.

On the zoo Facebook page you can find a post dedicated to him, where you can also read stories about his personality.