A bundle of news was collected from worldwide and we are now ready to share them with you.

During the evening of 7 February 2018, in the 60-acre African Plains enclosure in San Diego Safari Park (California, USA), a male Southern White Rhino was born to mum Kacy. Nine days later, the healthy calf, named Justin, spent the morning roaming the habitat where he was seen running around, napping, exploring all his surroundings, napping again since all of this was very exhausting , nursing from patient mum and napping again just a little. Justin even went face-to-face with a cape buffalo, confident that a 2000 and more kilograms of mum was nearby to protect him. Kacy is a really good mum, since Justin is her third calf, but she is also very protective and she does not tolerate well other animals around her precious babies. It is almost certain that Justin’s dad is experienced bull Maoto.
You can read more about Justin and his mum Kacy here.

In Whispnade (UK), while the new Southern White Rhino Berta is adjusting very well to her new mates, the older cow of the crash, Nowana, was euthanized due to health-related problems. Nowana was approaching 40 years, since she was born in June 1978. Despite her nervous temperament Nowana was a good mum for all her calves. She gave birth to her first one, a female called Inger, in September 1999, at 21 years and half of age: Nowana was one of the older females on record to gave birth to a healthy calf for the very first time. She has some features that made her quickly recognizable: she had only one eye and had a problem on one of her posterior leg tendons that made her left tarsus drop down.

On the evening of 15 February 2018 the very first Southern White Rhino calf born in Amnéville (FR), Shango, has left his native herd to join other two young bachelors in Beekse Bergen (NL). Shango’s genes are very valuable, since both of his parents are from South Africa: in the future Shango could become an important breeding bull for the European Southern White Rhino breeding program. Till then, he will be enjoying his new life in the Netherlands, spending his days roaming, chewing and playing with his new mates, Tank and Pilan, with whom he will hopefully form a strong bond that recreates what normally happens in the wild.
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