During the last months Dublin Zoo asked to the public to suggest a name for the little Southern White Rhino born last November. The name had to be of African origin and as original as possible.

The chosen one is Tadala, that means “we have been blessed” in Chewa. In our opinion is absolutely an original name.

We are instead not really enthusiastich of the name chosen for the Souther White Rhino born at Knowsley to mom Meru and dad Sharka: it is Jabari, that means fearless. It is a good name, but unfotunately there are 2 more Jabari in Europe. We would have hope for a more original name.

We do hope that Jabari could get soon half-brothers or half-sisters because since 2012 in Knowsley only one female is breeding and all the other fours have no calves. Finger crossed!