Another big joy from RhinoWorld!

Dalton in Furness (UK) announced more than one year ago her pregnancy: its youngest Southern White Rhino lady Zukiswa, born 9 and half years ago in Dublin (IE), has finally given birth to her first ever calf on 10 November 2017.
The calf is a female, is healthy and thriving and she is the third calf born in the Facility since October 2016. The first one, as you recall, was Indiana, now called by Keepers with a nickname, born to experienced mum Ntombi . The second one was a girl, called Mosi, born to first-time mum Manzi who has done a perfect job till now.
The calf trio shares the same dad, bull Mazungu.

Few days ago, another Southern White Rhino lady called Nyala gave birth in Dublin to her first-ever calf, a male. Nyala was born 9 and half years ago in Dalton in Furness and she is Ntombi and Mazungu’s daughter.
Nyala and Zukiswa were born few days apart and curiously they gave birth few days apart again. At four years of age, both girls were switched between their native places among the EEP frame, in order to make them breed with a compatible male. The change did work perfectly, as the two rhino ladies have just become mum in the same period.
Congratulations to all the dedicated Staff who worked so hard and perfectly!

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